commercial fitouts penrith

The office design and the office space that you work in has a great impact how your work, your overall productivity and focus and this is the reason that the office design needs to be good and improved on so that the productivity could be enhanced and employees could feel motivated and fresh. It has been also proved in the studies that the environment has great impact on employee’s mental health and it has also been seen the employer does not give much focus to this while they should. If you are not one of those employers and wants to make the improvement in the design of the office then following are some areas which could be improved to enhance the office design in north sydney.


This is the key factor in work environments, good lights help people to stay focused, fresh and awake because bad lightening could not only lead to the strain on eyes but could also cause headaches, fatigues and irritations. Also, office designs should be this much that it welcomes natural light as much as possible, natural light not only help you save on the electricity but also give the ambiance a fresh feel and the employees do not feel like cut off from the world and caged and for the night time, there should be enough lightening for clear visibility.


A comfortable desk and chair is the essential part of every office no matter what kind of work is been going on there, because everyone needs a place to sit on. If your chair is not comfortable, it is possible that you are getting exhausted which is reducing your overall work productivity but make sure that the chair and desk is not this much comfortable that person starts to feel sleepy while being on it. The important key points while choosing the right chairs and desks for the office design should be right height so that the monitor screen is visible easily on the right eye level, then there should be foot rest, and a slight inclination which could be adjustable with the weight while leaning back. These chairs in the office designs should be flexible for the height because there could be employees in different height.



Avoid cluttering:

This needs to be emphasized so much in the office designs because this happens in most of the Commercial fit outs in penrith and office spaces that the space is less and there are more people and furniture. The space must never look cluttered. Th company should make sure that there is enough space between desks and there is overall space in the office for the employees to easily walk around. On employee level, each employee should keep their desk and the surroundings clean and organized and should not keep extra things there so that the space could be saved.

There are other key points as well in the office design that should be taken care of such as the colour of the wall paint, the temperature inside the office, scents, air quality, noises and others.