There are eight steps to importing American cars into Australia. Selection option increases to get classic car, high package system with secure payment method makes it easy to import cars in Australia.

  1. Proper research for selection:

Is the vehicle you are selecting is eligible to enter Australia? Which approval do you need to apply for? What are the total charges involved? (Charges for shipping, customer service, cleaning, delivery, asbestos testing, inspection cost, and other charges as well). How much time is required to get import approval and complete other arrangements? Enlisting documents and checking what does government agency requires? What risk factors face while importing a car? This is the first and most important step to importing a car. Without selection, you will be not able to book a car for shipping.

  1. Apply for approval to import American cars into Australia:

You should create your account if not registered. Then you have to complete online requirements and pay your application fee. These are the basic steps to apply for importing cars.

  1. Receive approval to import a car:

Receive an email with your approval letter to be attached. This approval is necessary to import vehicles. After selection and applying procedure to import car, you will be able to get approval.

  1. Arrange to ship of a vehicle:
  • Before shipping it’s your responsibility to check that car is properly cleaned inside and outside and to remove any material that can cause risk to quarantine.
  • Make sure to remove air conditioning gas before shipping.
  • Making arrangements for asbestos testing is necessary to do so.
  • These steps are important for doing shipping arrangements to import cars. After arranging the shipping 50% of your arrangements will be done.
  1. Custom clearance duty:

It’s important to pay customs duty and an import declaration form. As well as to pay goods and services tax, you have to pay luxury car tax if important and make sure that there is no asbestos. It’s important to clear your custom duty for importing American cars into Australia.

  1. Australian quarantine requirements:
  • With the help of the agricultural department, water and environment dwell a quarantine entry if necessary.
  • Arrange team for inspection of all the details for which you have to pay them.
  1. Approval conditions:
  • If you want to modify a vehicle, do arrangements for its modification.
  • Conduct proper testing and make a report as evidence if needed.
  • Do entry as evidence on the register of approved vehicles.

All these steps are important to import American cars into Australia.

  1. Registration documentation:
  • Register your vehicle in the relevant state of Australia (If you want to use your vehicle on a public road, proper documentation is necessary).

State road and transport agencies play important role in this aspect.